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003 SILO
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020    $a 1649499213
020    $a 9781649499219
020    $a 1649499221
020    $a 9781649499226
020    $a 1649499205
020    $a 9781649499202
035    $a (OCoLC)1397341076
040    $d SILO
100 1  $a Kennis, Lois. $e author.
245 10 $a Rise on eagles' wings  / $c Lois Kennis.
264  1 $a Plymouth, MA : $b Elk Lake Publishing, $c [2023]
300    $a 392 pages ; $c 23 cm.
500    $a Includes discussion questions
520    $a Teen mom, Talitha Joy Dahlen fights to provide a life rich in love and integrity for her two sons, but can she let go of past hurts to trust a guide she cannot see?  A bookish girl with a wry sense of humor, Talitha survives enormous loss and hardship at a tender age. She is drawn into teen marriage to a man who isn't an outright villain, but he's not the hero Talitha perceives him to be either. Buddy seems more concerned with getting rich than wholeheartedly loving his children. And he's not afraid to break the law to get what he wants.  Miss Ella, a blind woman from war-torn Liberia--extends Talitha and her sons an invitation that could lead to safe haven--if Buddy doesn't find them first.  Rise on Eagles' Wings is the hopeful story of a young mother's tenacity, the ever-changing definition of family, and the redemptive power of community. Set in America's Heartland during the final decade of the twentieth century, contemporary voices intertwine with those of a pre-internet generation.
650  0 $a Teenage mothers $v Fiction.
650  0 $a Families $v Fiction.
650  0 $a Faith $v Fiction.
651  0 $a Iowa $v Fiction.
655  7 $a Christian fiction. $2 lcgft
941    $a 3
952    $l XBPE737 $d 20240202031048.0
952    $l GBPF771 $d 20240104012157.0
952    $l CBPF522 $d 20240103010135.0
956    $a

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