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Lauretta, D. S. (Dante S.), 1970- author.
The asteroid hunter : a scientist's journey to the dawn of our solar system / Dante S. Lauretta.
First edition.
Grand Central Publishing,
Copyright Date:
pages cm
Lauretta, D. S.--(Dante S.),--1970-
OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission.
Planetary scientists--United States--Biography.
Planetary science--Research.
Bennu (Asteroid)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Origins -- Signs of life -- Harvesting the stars -- Down and in -- Whatever it takes -- The mystery of the dark asteroid -- The three challenges -- Up and out--after all -- Go OSIRIS REx -- Arrival -- June madness -- The final four -- Touchdown -- Departure.
"On September 11, 1999, humanity made a monumental discovery in the vastness of space. Scientists uncovered an asteroid of immense scientific importance--a colossal celestial entity. As massive as an aircraft carrier and towering as high as the iconic Empire State Building, this cosmic titan was later named Bennu. Remarkable for much more than its size, Bennu belonged to a rare breed of asteroids capable of revealing the essence of life itself. But just as Bennu became a beacon of promise, researchers identified a grave danger. Hurtling through space, it threatens to collide with our planet on September 24, 2182. Leading the expedition was Dr. Dante Lauretta, the Principal Investigator of NASA's audacious OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission. Taskedwith unraveling Bennu's mysteries, his team embarked on a daring quest to retrieve a precious sample from the asteroid's surface - one that held the potential to not only unlock the secrets of life's origins but also to avert an unprecedented catastrophe.A tale of destiny and danger, The Asteroid Hunter chronicles the high-stakes mission firsthand, narrated by Dr. Lauretta. It offers readers an intimate glimpse into the riveting exploits of the mission and Dr. Lauretta's wild, winding personal journey toBennu and back. Peeling back the curtain on the wonders of the cosmos, this enthralling account promises a rare glimpse into the tightly woven fabric of scientific exploration, where technical precision converges with humanity's profound curiosity and indominable spirit"-- Provided by publisher.
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