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03086aam a2200529 i 4500
001 334EC1AA1A3011EEAF9CB4AD47ECA4DB
003 SILO
005 20230704010055
008 230329t20232023gau    d      000 1 eng d
020    $a 1682635775
020    $a 9781682635773 (hardcover)
035    $a (OCoLC)1375112291
040    $a LMJ $b eng $c LMJ $d BDX $d TOH $d IG$ $d JO6 $d SILO
082 04 $a [Fic] $2 23
100 1  $a Crespo, Alex, $e author.
245 10 $a Saint Juniper's folly / $c Alex Crespo.
250    $a First edition.
260    $a Atlanta, Georgia : $b Peachtree Teen, an imprint of Peachtree Publishing Company, $c [2023]
300    $a 299 pages ; $c 21 cm
520    $a "For Jaime, returning to the Vermont town of Saint Juniper means returning to a past he's spent eight years trying to forget. After shuttling between foster homes, he hopes to make something out of this fresh start. But every gossip in town already knows his business, and with reminders of his past everywhere, he seeks out solitude into the nearby woods--Saint Juniper's Folly--and does not return. For Theo, Saint Juniper means being stuck. He knows there's more out there, but he's scared to go find it. His senior year is going to be like all the rest, dull and claustrophobic. That is until he wanders into the Folly and stumbles on a haunted house with an acerbic yet handsome boy trapped--as in physically trapped--inside. For Taylor, Saint Juniper is a mystery. She tries to practice the magic her dad banned from the house after her mom, an accomplished witch, suddenly died. But without someone to guide her, she's floundering. Then a wide-eyed teenager barges into her life, rambling about a haunted house and a trapped boy. He needs a witch. The Folly and its ghosts will draw these three teenagers together. But can they each face their demons to forge a bond strong enough to escape the Folly's shadows?" -- $c Provided by publisher.
650  0 $a Haunted houses $v Juvenile fiction.
650  0 $a Mexican American teenagers $v Juvenile fiction.
650  0 $a Transgender youth $v Juvenile fiction.
650  0 $a Witches $v Juvenile fiction.
650  0 $a Gay teenagers $v Juvenile fiction.
650  1 $a Haunted houses $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Mexican Americans $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Transgender people $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Witches $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Gay people $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Young adult fiction.
655  7 $a Ghost stories. $2 lcgft
655  7 $a Paranormal fiction. $2 lcgft
941    $a 12
952    $l TYPH572 $d 20240524011533.0
952    $l SFPH074 $d 20240314025628.0
952    $l YCPD572 $d 20231206014757.0
952    $l DBPE173 $d 20231114010453.0
952    $l RZPE145 $d 20231014010625.0
952    $l FYPI314 $d 20231003011417.0
952    $l CMPE792 $d 20230819010038.0
952    $l KSPG296 $d 20230809010259.0
952    $l XXPH787 $d 20230808011448.0
952    $l CBPF522 $d 20230804010204.0
952    $l CAPH522 $d 20230802012007.0
952    $l GBPF771 $d 20230704012250.0
956    $a

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