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02612aam a2200469Ii 4500
001 09500B50D2B111ED872B743748ECA4DB
003 SILO
005 20230404012110
008 230325s2023    onc           000 1 eng d
010    $a bl2023012676
020    $a 1525804782
020    $a 9781525804786 (softcover)
035    $a (OCoLC)1373979786
040    $a NjBwBT $b eng $c FFL $e rda $d FFL $d SILO
043    $a e-uk-en
050 14 $a PS3606.O945 $b L37 2023b
082 04 $a 813/.6 $2 23/eng/20230322
100 1  $a Fox, Hester, $e author.
245 14 $a The last heir to Blackwood Library / $c Hester Fox.
260    $a Toronto, Ontario, Canada : $b Graydon House, $c [2023]
300    $a 331 pages ; $c 21 cm
520    $a "With the stroke of a pen, twenty-three-year-old Ivy Radcliffe becomes Lady Hayworth, owner of a sprawling estate on the Yorkshire moors. Ivy has never heard of Blackwood Abbey, or of the ancient bloodline from which she's descended. With nothing to keep her in London since losing her brother in the Great War, she warily makes her way to her new home. The abbey is foreboding, the servants reserved and suspicious. But there is a treasure waiting behind locked doors: a magnificent library. Despite cryptic warnings from the staff, Ivy feels irresistibly drawn to its dusty shelves, where familiar works mingle with strange, esoteric texts. And she senses something else in the library too, a presence that seems to have a will of its own. Rumors swirl in the village about the abbey's previous owners, about ghosts and curses, and an enigmatic manuscript at the center of it all. And as events grow more sinister, it will be up to Ivy to uncover the library's mysteries in order to reclaim her own story--before it vanishes forever" -- $c Provided by publisher.
650  0 $a Libraries $v Fiction.
650  0 $a Manuscripts $v Fiction.
651  0 $a Yorkshire (England) $v Fiction.
655  7 $a Gothic fiction. $2 lcgft
655  7 $a Historical fiction. $2 lcgft
941    $a 13
952    $l XEPE697 $d 20240130010314.0
952    $l GUPF501 $d 20240126010101.0
952    $l PFPC906 $d 20231211114015.0
952    $l GFPE771 $d 20231206012618.0
952    $l FPPC224 $d 20231026010648.0
952    $l YEPF572 $d 20231012014814.0
952    $l AQPC277 $d 20230712010057.0
952    $l SIPD314 $d 20230630010831.0
952    $l TZPC572 $d 20230516010112.0
952    $l TDPH826 $d 20230502010809.0
952    $l TCPG826 $d 20230502010349.0
952    $l YKPE532 $d 20230420010915.0
952    $l GBPF771 $d 20230404020459.0
956    $a

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