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02085aam a2200373 i 4500
001 8B208F24D86411EE9510A68C40ECA4DB
003 SILO
005 20240302011431
008 230318t20232023waua   b      000 1 eng d
010    $a 2022942861
020    $a 1957891033
020    $a 9781957891033 (hardcover)
035    $a (OCoLC)1372277775
040    $a YDX $b eng $c YDX $d BDX $d BPL $d LVF $d CMI $d OCLCF $d OCLCO $d CHILD $d RB0 $d SILO
082 04 $a [E] $2 23
100 1  $a Clark, M. H., $e author.
245 10 $a Everywhere, still / $c written by M.H. Clark : illustrated by Claire Lemp.
246 14 $a Everywhere, still ; a book about loss, grief, and the way love continues
260    $a Everett, WA : $b Compendium, Inc., $c [2023]
300    $a 1 volume (unpaged) : $b color illustrations, $c 26 cm
520    $a When someone you care about isn't here anymore, your love for them continues. What do you do with that love when that someone isn't here to give it to? Everywhere, Still is a book about missing someone. It's a book about loss and grief--whether that loss is permanent or temporary. And it's a reminder that there is always a way to stay close with the people who are biggest in our hearts, no matter how far across space and time they may be. Read this meaningful book to a child when a grandparent or loved one has passed, a parent is living or serving abroad, a dear friend has moved away, or a pet is very much missed. With touching illustrations, each page is a way to honor every emotion a child is experiencing. 
650  0 $a Grief $v Juvenile fiction.
650  0 $a Bereavement $v Juvenile fiction.
650  0 $a Separation (Psychology) $v Juvenile fiction.
650  1 $a Bereavement $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Grief $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Separation (Psychology) $v Fiction.
650  1 $a Picture books.
655  7 $a Picture books. $2 lcgft
655  7 $a Stories in rhyme. $2 lcgft
700 1  $a Lemp, Claire $q (Claire Sahara), $e illustrator.
941    $a 1
952    $l GBPF771 $d 20240302012034.0
956    $a

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